This would be me… .

Hmm … let’s see what I should tell you about me. I’m Emily, 20 years of age, and currently a junior in college residing in Michigan (biology major.) I’m kind of a nerd. Okay, not kind of; I am a nerd. (DFTBA!) I love Harry Potter. And by that I mean I’m obsessed with it, like believed-I-was-Harry’s-twin-sister-until-the-age-of-11, burst-into-tears-every-time-I-see-a-picture-of-Fred-Weasley obsessed.

I also love to read. Wish I could do more of it now that I’m in college. I also love to write, but haven’t been doing as much of that as I should. But thanks to a lovely Michigan Nerdfighter writing group, I shall be writing much more often.

NERDFIGHTER!!!! John and Hank Green can always make my day, no matter how sucky it is.

Um, I’m random. I get in moods. I’m currently struggling with BPD, agoraphobia, and an eating disorder. It kind of really sucks.

I’m really attached to my url and will probably never change it, but my theme and picture will probably be changed often. 

I love just about every animal. I have an adorable kitten (Koda) and an adorable bunny (Neville) along with a turtle.

I have a few weird fears. Basically I have a slight fear of car-washes and a major fear of escalators. And no that is not weird at all.

I love me some witty banter. So if you do too, please, for the love of god, send me a message.

I tend not to have a filter around my friends and I swear a lot. I get obsessed over a lot of things, mainly my fandoms. (Harry Potter, Sherlock, Supernatural, etc.)

Um … not sure what else to say. Just ask me! I don’t bite. Okay, that’s a lie, but I won’t bite hard.