A Tumblr Song (Original) - 

I know a place where all the cool kids play. 
Mean Girls, yummy foods, and fashion shots all day. 
When trying to avoid the things that I should do. 

I scroll and see the people that I wish I knew.
Mr. Hipster, girls in tights. Cats, and tatts, and civil rights.
Photoshopped words, on a hill or tree. Read and think, “That applies to me!” 

I’m Tumblin everyday. Click text, posting what I want to say. 
I’m in a relationship with Tumblr every single night. 
I’m in a relationship with Tumblr and I blog till light. 
I’m in a relationship with Tumblr feel like it’s all mine.
I’m in a relationship with Tumblr like it, reblog that line.

H-N-N-G, oh Tumblr what you do to me, I can’t log out even if I try. 
Ask it, Follow, You even let me borrow gifs that I could use to reply.
Stills of movies, Memories from the 90’s.
Things we thought but never could say. 
Y U NO, Forever Alone, FUUUUUUU - n  surveys, that stretch out your page, 
so nobody ever uses them… at all, ever.

Witty dictation, procrastination, even homo association. 
Funny exaggeration, potter generation, useless facts and information. 
Vent frustration, flirting communication, crush on people with silent admiration.
Fascination, irritation, hate, love, hope, and motivation.  

this is so awesome.

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